Heartsy and how I opened a can of worms

If you read a few posts back- I was super excited to be promoted on a website called Heartsy.
Basically it’s a coupon they sell on my behalf. For example.
They sell a coupon for 10$ and you get 20$ to use in my store. This means I sell my art at 50-60% off.

Well going fwd- I was asked to go as low as 70%. I had to say no.
After adding up Ink, Paper, Shipping, Etsy fees, and Paypal fees- I discovered that I would be actually PAYING for customers to buy my work.

I declined.

I started a posting in the Etsy forums to find out if others were being asked to do the same. It resulted in this:

if you’re curious how others feel about it and what Eddie from Heartsy has to say. GO read it. It might answer some questions you have- if you’re considering doing Heartsy.

I will add here that Eddie from Heartsy was very nice to me- and I am happy for those that do get featured- and do great on Heartsy.


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