The 30’s

I decided that this year is going to be one of the best years of my life. I can feel it. Something is coming my way, and it’s huge. What makes this even more amazing is that sometimes at night- even years ago- I’d be laying there and I could feel the wind almost whispering at me and making me promises of what was to come.

and that is why this is even more amazing that I’m sitting here- telling the world. Is this what blogging is about?

I’m someone that always puts things off. I’m someone that has a million amazing ideas. I’m someone that keep those ideas hidden in the deepest parts of myself. I share there dreams with my lovely boyfriend- and then they get put back where they came from. It’s almost as if I tell myself – I’m not ready it. The idea isn’t perfect yet. People won’t understand me. It doesn’t make sense. I’m scared people won’t like me.


This is my year to shine. Even if I only shine for myself. I want to share with you a bit of what I want you to hold me accountable for:

1. I want to learn how to blog. I want to learn the art of sharing myself, giving myself, being a friend. I want to learn how to love harder, more, and I want to open my arms and smile at everyone.

2. I want to become the best body I can be. I’m not getting any younger. I want to be healthy. Scew the plan of being a skinny mini with a tight butt. I just want to laugh, and run on the beach, and have the wind in my hair, and be able to chase after future dogs. I want to be fit, and live long. I want to become active, and strong. This means changing a lot of things. Like giving up 3 diet cokes a day, and working out several times a week.

3. I want to learn how to smile at strangers. I smile at people in my heart, and look away when they look into my eyes. I guess I’m a bit shy. I’m so afraid to love more people then I have to for fear of getting hurt. It’s hard to say that- hard to admit it- but here is to new changes in my life right? I want to learn how to welcome strangers into my life and truly smile into them.

4. I want to make friends. I’ve been so consumed with certain things in my life. I’ve grown lazy. I love to stay in my room and read a book. I love to drink coffee, and chat with my online friends. I love to dream, create art, walk alone. Day-dream…. I want to get out there and make real connections with real people. I want dinner parties and a house full of laughter. I need to make more time for friends in my life.

5. I want to create more art. Lots and lots of art. I want to be successful with my Etsy store. I want to believe in myself and truly be able to say ” I’m an artist, and I support myself by doing what I love”

so how is that for a list? it’s enough to get me started. What about you? Anything you want to change this year?


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