Random Fact about me: total insomniac, and my wish for this blog

Good morning! I have to confess something- if you’re going to get to know me within this blog- you have to know 2 things. One- I hardly sleep. I’m a crazy insomniac- ever since I was a child. As an adult it hasn’t gotten any better. External factors are at play- for example I live in Amsterdam- in a very old building. It has been housing generations of mice for a long long long time- and I’m simply renting a room from them. At night they have this huge social life- and it sounds like they dance through night… It drives me crazy. So there is that. Though I can’t blame them totally. The number 2 reason- I can’t stop my mind from creating. It could be an idea for a print, a poem, a book I want to write, something I want to try and cook… etc etc. It goes on and on. Sometimes I just have to get up and do that thing right at that moment… or I go mad with waiting. Also- the idea is fleeting. It tickles me at first.. then it explodes… and I have to chase around the bits.

anyway- I have been reading a lot about how to have a good blog. I guess being that people actually read what you write, and come visit you. First you have to decide why you’re doing a blog and explain that to the world. So- if you’re reading this wondering why I’m having a blog: Someone suggested that as an artist – the world wants to know who you are. What inspires you, what moves you, why you are you. So there it is. My Point. I can’t promise huge flashing glitter boxes or tons of promoted websites… but I’ll do my best to make it interesting. All that glam and flash and follow me stuff- isn’t really my style. I’m here if you want to read me, and I’m here if you’re looking for support or a friend. I hope that the world just takes me as I am!

Next- you’re supposed to have a plan. A schedule of some sort.. and write it all down. This could be.. how many posts a day? or special games, giveaways… things like that. So to you- yes! I’d love to promote giveaways and support fellow artists on my blog. Email me- and we can set it up! Otherwise I’ll randomly post items and artist that I adore.. and tell you why you should adore them too. All this without the glam of course 😀 I also have to tell you right away- I don’t plan on any structured events or “plans” on my blog. That isn’t my style. If I’m in bed at 3am and I’ve got to share something with you…. I will. simple as that.

Lastly- this is my blog- and this is my first time.. so I’m going to have fun with it, and stumble along faking it till I make it!

To do list:
1. make a new print
2. take a long nap
3. mail orders!


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