I think men are under-rated on Etsy. I believe there are lots of men that browse Etsy, and are just as addicted to hand-made items as the ladies. I know this because my x-boyfriend spent hours looking for hip new T-shirts, and ties, and even art prints. He hearted more items then even me! – and I heart a lot. (to show my support, and because someday when I’m rich (ha) I plan to buy everything I’ve hearted) (everything). My point is- the market for men on Etsy seems to be small- way way to small. They are just as ready to buy as the ladies.. but what is there for them? Men have feelings too, often believe it or not- more emotional and romantic then women. Recently I was having a lovely bbq- and there was a good friend of mine- male- married- 2 kids- (Dutch- what can I say I’m surrounded by lovely men!) I shared some of my prints with him shyly- and he liked them. Later that night he googled me- and found my almost dead flickr account. There I had posted a few prints- that are not for sale in my Etsy store. Why? I didn’t think anyone would like them. They seemed a bit dark, and well manly. To my delight- he asked me to list them in the store- and he bought 2 of them. This got me thinking- and in my store I created a section called “Men like These” and I added a few in. The point of all this? Men need love to. Etsy love. Men want to shop. Yes they do. So I’m going to create all kinds of “manly” prints. Yes, I’m just that sweet!

If you like these check out ToyBreaker on Etsy :


4 thoughts on “.Men.

  1. aHeartsTale

    I so agree with this sentiment! Men are generally under-represented in fashion and home decor! My guy is 50/50 on what the home looks like, he knows what he likes, and won’t settle for less! I know he gets discouraged, and so let’s encourage more items for men!

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