Not sure about Canvas photo Paper?

If you’ve been to visit my print shop on Etsy you will have read that I print all my work on Hahnemuhle canvas photo paper. It was brought to my attention that you might not be to sure about this paper, or what that means exactly. So for that I’m offering something new for a little while. Not sure how long- but here is my offer: If you see a print you like- but you’re not sure about canvas- order the print and send me a little note that you prefer normal photo paper. I will then print on equally quality photo paper, and send you FOR FREE an extra print of your choice- in the canvas photo paper so that you can try it out for yourself. Two for the price of one!!

I’d like to explain a little bit more about this canvas paper though.. so keep on reading!

1. Hahnemuhle canvas photo paper is natural white- 100% cotton, giving prints a lovely texture, deep color, and a warm feeling.
2. It’s acid free, and has a defined texture with superb color saturation and image quality.
3. Also- it’s super bendy, and water- resistant – which means it’s almost impossible to ruin it, so that makes shipping really easy for me- and you can trust your photo won’t be damaged in transit.
4. If you would still like more information follow this link

and if you have any questions- please email me!


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